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Realty Coach


Steve Alonge

Steve Alonge pict2Steve Alonge's (Broker/President) passion for real estate was first sparked at the age of 8 when his family was forced to cancel a move from their small NYC apartment to the home-of-their-dreams because of his mother's life-threatening illness. Steve vowed to have a home of his own one day and thus his passion for real estate was ignited.

Early in Steve's real estate career, he bought and sold many homes for himself and his clients. Steve began to understand clearly the role of timing and the buy-sell concept of how to move up, build wealth, and avoid making erratic emotional decisions. This led to the development of his "Equity Bank" and "Elevator Equity Concepts"; proven successful for Real Estate Investors and a major part of his seminar series.

After discovering his intuition about staying ahead of the curve and sensing the next hot boom area, Steve's mentor coach pushed him past personal insecurities and self-imposed limitations into the kind of action that made his dreams start happening. The very first result of this partnering was action on what Steve saw as a boom area and sold 150 homes in a single year in the Phoenix area.

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