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Preparing to buy real estate

  • Now is the Perfect Time to invest in the Palm Springs Area

    As we begin the new year there has never been a better time to invest in the Coachella Valley areas such as Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Thousand Palms and Cathedral City. The desert real estate market is booming and here is why:


    1. Even though the Coachella Valley prices are rising there is still a large positive gap in affordability compared to Greater Southern California Areas. When compared to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, desert properties are among the most affordable. 
      Over 140 Golf Courses to Play

    2. Large Baby Boom Population retirement with stable sources of income insures solid income base. Every few seconds someone turns 65 years old. Desert living is perfect choice for seniors with the warm winters, abundant shopping, casino gaming and vibrant communities. 

    3. Palm Springs demographics is swinging younger and family oriented.  Schools both Public and Private are substantial. With all of our arts, film and music festivals many younger folks are discovering just how much the area has going for it. Throw in venues like our Wet N Wild water park, the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournement and over 140 top golf courses and more young families are moving here.  

      Coachella Music Fest
    4. Interest Rates are slowly rising however in the long term they will be higher. Don't miss out on these still historically low rates while they last. As the economy continues to grow, the rates will be moving up. 

    5. Rent vs Buying model still show Buying to be more beneficial. In recent years rental rates have increased approximately 8% each year. This trend will likely to continue as the area is growing and there is a great need for single family rental homes.

      Programs for all types of home buyers

    6. Great Loan programs for first time buyers, some as low as ZERO Down.For example CalHFA offers down payment assistant progams and low interest rate mortgage programs. There are many more programs to help you get started in real estate investing.
      We can help you find the one right for you.Get Pre Approved

    7. Education a priority creating College level opportunities in the Medical and Bio Tech industries. And the area is home to the bergeoning cannabis industry causing the area to built out in every direction. Grow Your Money

    Every indicator points towards more growth, wealth and opportunities in the warm embrace of the Coachella Valley. That is why NOW is the TIME to Invest in the Palm Springs area! 


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    The real estate business can be tricky to navigate successfully. There are a lot of ins and out to learn. The more you know the better prepared your are to invest in real estate.

    According to Steven Alonge, President of Realty Coach Enterprises, Inc. and author of several published real estate investing books and guides, these are the most important things to do before you purchase a property: 

    1. Research, Research, Research! Get to really know the area that you are considering investing and living in. The more you know about the area the better poised you will be to take advantage of properties that you are interested. 

    2. Visit the area through the day and all seasons. An area may very different in the summer as when you first visited in the winter and the more you know of what each season brings to this area. Climate is important as well as seasonal events and other aspects that make this area special during different times of the year.

    3. Get pre-qualified for a loan. There are usually multiple loan programs out there for you choose from. Examine all of your options as you may preserve your cash for remodeling by taking a loan that has less upfront costs.

    4. Make sure you’re must-haves are in line with your budget not your wish list. This is not time to to let your emotions run away with you. 

    5. If you have to think about it then it is the wrong house. In most markets by the time you weigh it out its gone. You should continue looking until you can say THIS IS IT!!!

    6. Have a Home Inspection to eliminate surprises. You can sometimes renegotiate your price after you know the extent of the condition of the property in question.

    7. Will this be the one and only property you will buy? Some people live in a home forever while others know that in 5 years they will be ready to move on. Postponing items on youre must haves for a later date can satisfy the immediate desire knowing this is the first step to everything.

    8. Add 10% to what you think things will cost. Be prepared.


    And when you find your property that says THIS IS IT, call Realty Coach Enterprises, Inc. We are here to help!