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Deepwell Estates: A Neighborhood with a Deep History

by Lee Wylie, Staff Writer
Realty Coach Enterprises, Inc.

A Cahuilla Indian legend, apricot trees, well water, solar water heaters, farmers, a Dude Ranch, celebrities, developers and real estate investors all play a part in Deepwell's history. Maybe you too, will become part of the Deepwell story.

From the moment you arrive in the neighborhood of Deepwell Estates, you can feel the immense pride of homeownership and a deep sense of community that is decades old. The landscaping designs do differ from home to home yet each is as meticulously maintained as the next. A Palm Springs neighborhood that truly deserves its million-dollar-listings hashtag.deepwell view

This neighborhood makes you feel safe and it is peaceful. There are majestic views of the mountains and vistas that take your breath away. Quiet roads for dog walking, jogging or taking a romantic stroll. Deepwell is an active community packed with social events but also offers privacy. There is even horseback riding nearby at the Deepwell Ranch. Many fine restaurants and shops are nearby. The famous Saguaro Hotel is so close you can walk there. You will see your neighbors enjoying the nearby casinos, spas, golf courses, tennis courts and nightclubs. Palm Springs is one of the sexiest city in the world, after all.

Back to our story. Let's start with the legendary celebrities that have lived in this neighborhood. I will only talk in the past here as not to disturb any celebs currently living in Deepwell. Have you ever heard of Liz Taylor or Richard Burton? How about Jerry Lewis, Eva Gabor, William Holden? They chose this sexy little section of the valley to call home for the delicious water and the natural elements that provide a some protection from the desert winds.

Inviting Fireplace 1045 S Calle Marcus Palm Springs Home for SaleSo many people wanted to live in the area that in 1952, the Deepwell Colony Estates was officially founded as a subdivision and development commenced to include approximately 369 homes including 19 Biltmore residences.Trending for the 50s era rich and famous was beauty meets functionality. The truly artistic architects of the time were inspired to create sprawling ranch homes with large swimming pools that blend in nicely with the natural area. The homes in Deepwell Estates are quintessential Mid-Century Modern. Although the Mid-Century Modern style was created nearly 70 years ago, it is still loved for it's beauty and elegant simplicity. 

Celebrities starting coming here not long after the Deepwell Ranch was constructed in 1928. The ranch was able to accommodate up to 22 guests and provide a real "dude ranch experience" including apparel . Over the years, movie stars would come out for fun and photographs, but the desert charm kept them coming back again. They wanted to stay longer, build movie-star style homes, get tanned and play year-round golf.

How did the ranch start? Just two years before the ranch began construction, a scientist named Henry Pearson was convinced there was water in the area so he dug a deep water well. Even though he hit water at 100 feet, he kept digging the well until it reached 630 feet deep. Hence, the name Deepwell. He was also among the first to use solar energy to heat water. He installed a glass covered pipe roof to heat water for his home. His well and warm water was very appealing to land developers and real estate investors, one of which bought the land and created the Deepwell Ranch. deepwell ranch

cahuilla indiansSo what about Indians and apricots? Before Mr. Pearson dug his deep well, the legend in that Cahuilla Indian man and his wife lived on this land and worked a small apricot orchard. The shape of the mountains provided enough protection from the desert winds and there are natural springs nearby. A real oasis one might say.

Now picture yourself sipping a cocktail on the patio by the pool in the warm evening watching the colors of the sunset play off the mountain sides. Soon the stars will be out.
It's nice and friendly here, and everyone seems to have their own little piece of heaven. 1045 S Calle Marcus Palm SpringsAll that is missing is you.

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